Tuesday, March 26, 2013

D E V O T I O N S ? ? ?

When we are ready to give our devotion to someone that we love, unfortunately the devotion would turn up side down. Our world is being crippled, being crumpled as if it doesn't gives any benefit at all to us. But on the bright side, people would never realized the beauty of the devotions itself. Conquered by their own ego, that’s the reason why guys especially hard to hold their commitment to someone that he love the most. At the end, regret, frustration gloom's their life for entire of it.

As for me, i will give my all just to have that man here in my arms. I will hold him tightly so he wont felt any pains that probably hurt him now nor in the future. I will give him ALL my love if he’s ready to let the past be gone.

Unfortunately, just because of that pretty lady of your heart, makes me miserable. Because i can’t hold to the fragile of your heart when you need someone to wipe your tears. Can’t you see that i’m also HURTING when you cried? Don’t you know that i’d rather be your DOLL as long as we’re keep in touch? Don’t you aware of that? Don’t you have at least A heart for me? Don’t you want at least save it for me although it is HARD to be reality? Don’t you want to give it a TRY???!!!
I still remember our first and was the ONLY conversation which is years ago. Don’t you realize that i kept on hanging with that memory of us? I still HOPING that we meet each other soon? Don’t you know that actually my HOPE for you higher than before? The more you rejects on me, the more i'm into you?!

You can have your own way as long as i have you. I can bear with it. I do anything for you because i can’t stand away from knowing nothing about you. Your tears is my pain. Your laughter is my medicine. Your problems is my assignments. Why so? Because seeing you in pain gives me pain in the heart. Seeing you laugh is the best medicine to cure the pain. Your problems is my assignments is because it should be settled sooner or later.

Doesn't you know that every vessels in my body is written your name on it? Even the blood that always whisper me your name.
 Love is crazy. I can’t take it anymore!I have to fight for it? For how many years i have to wasted my time waiting for you to came and embrace me into your life? For how many years do i have to calm my heart not to push you about this useless feeling? Your silence giving me useless moment.
For how long do I have to wait for your approval? How many years do I have to questioning myself when I’m going to move on? Find someone who is worth to have my love, my loyalty, my worship, my devotion, my All.

Guys, come back and forth for my love, but me? Still waiting like a bunch of morons foolish themselves. They were begging to have my love. It’s neither just one nor two guys, a lot of them. Yet, I have to push them away only for my loves towards you that never fade away till Allah take my breath away. The feeling is getting stronger every second, every minute, every hours, days, weeks, months, years, even decade. I prayed for Allah giving me a sign is it you that were for me. Is it my name is written in the Loh Mahfuz besides your name.

When I was not myself you were there! When I was down to earth you were there! When I need love, u gave it to me although u didn't realize it! When I cried, you shed my tears! When I’m gloomy, u shines my day with your humors! You gave me strength to move on when I choose to give up! You took care of me when someone making fun of me! You were concern about me, when no one concern about what happen to me! Let me love you, and I will love you without any conditions Let me love you and your troubles, your up’s and down’s. Let me took care of you when people give you a hard time.

Let me love you, took care of you, cook for you, being your truly enemy, being your sincerely best friend, be your sincerely wife and a mother to your kids. 

But I’d know that neither of my words going to be a reality. J

I want you to know that this is not any threaten letter for you to accept my devotions. It’s just a paper that I used to express the voice of my little heart.
I just want people aware that love is not a simple thing that we can deal in life without knowing the preciousness of love. <3 o:p="">

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